"The Subtlest of Pastels & Creams"


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Recorded for $400, spanning over two goddamn years, featuring some of the hottest musicians in the state of Nebraska playing parts they could do in their sleep (and some did), this is a ill-fitting compilation of
"Post-Life-Addiction-Story-Wave". The first ever installment of said genre.

Congratulations to you, whether you paid for this or not. Either way, you win.


released November 17, 2010

James Michael Shannon Reilly - Guitars, Bass, Perc, Vox etc.
Javid D - Drums/Perc
Eric B - Guitar
Ian A - Bass/Production
Chris B - Bass/Keys/Production
Boz H - Drums
Vince ? - Drums

Who did I forget?



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PASTEL PISTOL Lincoln, Nebraska

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Track Name: Piano Introduction
Track Name: Fire Engine Catwalk
We're gonna slide to the bottom of the bottle
And tell some lies but we're gonna be careful
Cuz' down inside, we're really quite fearful
Got too much pride to just keep the shit simple

You scream a fire engine catwalk
Get out the house is burning down
My hands keep pulling at my clothes
Just wanna feel comfortable in this town

I know sometimes you really can't be bothered
To hear my side, I know I'm not your father
Sometimes I'm right, but it's usually just fleeting
Some night I've dies, I'd be better off sleeping

I'm gonna slide right underneath the table
I'm gonna hide from all the streets and cables
And radio to the people up above
That I'm not coming out
You might as well just turn around
Track Name: Put Your Hands Away
It's not a fever, I'm running away from my age
It's no surprise "K.R.'s" (Keith Richards) still alive
He's filled with joy
You don't have to read his mind to know he's still alive
You don't have to read his mind, just look

Just stop talking
I'm far into hearing loss
It's overrated, celebrated, just please shut your face
He's still filled with joy, he don't know
He's having a good time
He's filled with joy, you don't have to read his mind
Just look

You've hit the mark, your schedules full
I can't be touched tonight
Just put your hands away
I can't be touched tonight
Put your hands away
Track Name: Absolution Ticket
Someone feels jealousy
I feel it all over me
Absolution ticket please
Do not bother me
All of these pretty things
Bring me to my knees
But I'll be leavin
See the comfort that it brings
Don't know who I am
Don't know if I can
Take these grains of sand
And one day I can call it land
I fear I've build a hospital
On this hostile ball
Where I can treat myself
Inject all that's on the shelf

You know I miss the simple things
This all seems so new to me
Don't know what the problem is
I make no more promises
There's a million things that I could do
I just want to say thank you
You helped me realize
That carelessness does have a price
And there's always been a great divide
Where we find ourselves from time to time
You forget to trust yourself
And find you're lovin' someone else
And truth can be a living hell
Redemption doesn't sell real well
It's just another luxury
That doesn't come so easily
Track Name: You Made It Longer Than Your Idols Did
Running out of time...
Am I running out of time?

All these people running away
Oh no!
Can't stand that voice, can't stand that face
I can't deny
I made it longer than my idols did
I can't deny
Sometimes I think I should be with them
(Except without the fame and love...the fame and love)

Running Out of time..
Am I running out of time?

You never stopped trusting the lies
I know that baby, I one big reason why
I can't deny
I'm drowning in the way I've chosen to live
I can't deny
It's all just walls and collectible things
(Just one strike of lightning)

The greatest minds
Destroyed by gladness
25 original hits
As advertised
On your tv
25 revival greats
25 came and went
"25, I loved you!"
Track Name: Too Much Time In The Pavement
Too much time in the pulpit
Not enough time at home
Too much time in the pavement
Not enough time at all